Bamboo Trekking Pole (Single)


Estimated Delivery between July 17 and July 19.

This is one single trekking pole built of naturally sun dried Calcutta bamboo. Heat tempered and straightened. Finished in Polyurathane for an impervious water and UV protection coat. Black grip, black tip, black 3.5" basket, and black strap are standard. Click the options to build the trekking poles that will have everyone on the trail talking!!

Cork Grip +$7.50

All Booyah! Bamboo poles come with our two-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Hike bamboo with confidence.

Ski Booyah!

Park, Powder, Groomers, or Backcountry

Wherever you ski, Booyah! Bamboo are cool poles for a cooler planet. Make your statement on the slopes with eco-friendly and renewable bamboo poles.

Why Ski Booyah! Bamboo?

Light swing weight for perfect pole plants.

Natural, flexible, and strong. Just plain cool!

Renewable–harvested on a two-year cycle.

Bamboo Wings to Fly!

Booyah! Bamboo has it all. Rethink the ski accessory you hold in your hands every time you hit the slopes.

Renewable + Sustainable


Bamboo grows crazy fast and renews itself after harvesting. Go bamboo. Go Booyah!